Wednesday, 6 April 2011


Shameless is a British drama television series created by Paul Abbot and set in Greater Manchester, England. The story centres around the dysfunctional Gallagher family which consists of Frank and his 8 children. It is broadcasted on channel 4.

Production: Company Pictures
Distributor: Channel 4 Television Corporation

The show is known for it's unique setting and how it portrays the lower working class of Greater Manchester in everyday life. Shameless primarily deals with the representation of the working class people/family where some stereotypes (e.g. typical 'manchester boy', teenagers, sexuality of people) are used to portray that representation.

Shameless has been critically acclaimed by some British media including The Sun Newspaper and BBC Two's Newsnight Review. It is a BAFTA award winning series where it's first series won a BAFTA in the 'Best Drama Series' in April 2005. It was also nominated for the BAFTA as the 'Best Drama Series' in the years 2006, 2007 and 2009.

in 2007 it won an award at the 'Royal Television Awards Society' beating Coronation Street but lost out to Doctor Who as the 'Best British Drama' in the 'National Television Awards 2007.'
It was also nominated for a British Comedy award and an Emmy in 2004.

Average Viewing figures
Series 1 = 2.57 million
Series 2 = 2.67 million
Series 3 = 3.01 million
Series 4 = 3.38 million
Series 5 = 2.65 million
Series 6 = 2.69 million

Season 4 has had the highest viewer figures so far with 3.38 million viewers (although series 7+8 are not included).

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  1. What about the public's views? And the latest series' reviews?
    Do you know why people like it despite the stereotyping?